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The 5th Bi-Annual Speak to Inspire Seminar

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”

The 5th Bi-Annual #SpeakToInspire Seminar was a great success. We tapped into the wisdom of the community for the community. We celebrated International Day of Yoga and discussed about the things that matter including: #InclusiveLeadership, #DiversityAndInclusion, Building Bridges Between the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, and others.

The #Keynote speaker, District Attorney Summer Stephan, shared her wisdom about the most important attributes of #InclusiveLeaders. She emphasized the significance of showing up for the things that matter and forgetting about our excuses. There are no small or big commitments. Every action, every word matters.

The Panelists, Lee Wills-Irvive (Head of Talent Acquisition & Culture, #SonyElectrocis), Dr. Tracy Heller (Provost & Senior Vice President, #AlliantInternationalUniversity), and David Pasquini (#UKConsul , Government & Business Affairs in San Diego) shared their personal perspectives about #DiversityAndInclusion, why it matters, and how we can contribute to foster more inclusive organizations and communities.

We also met two amazing authors: Dr. Ann Gladys and Dr. John Franey who shared brief summary of their books.

Many thanks to #AlliantInternationalUniversity and #MirrellaTile for supporting our mission.

Panelists: Lee Wills-Irvine, Dr. Tracy Heller, David Pasquini

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