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The Yogi Leader Now Available On Amazon!

The Yogi Leader book (paperback and e-book) is now available on Amazon !

The Yogi Leader follows the stories of seven different leaders, each with their own set of problems and issues to deal with in their leadership practice. Each of their stories focuses on a different Element of Leadership and is aligned to a particular chakra.

You will recognize the stories because they are stories about you. You will recognize the struggles they face as struggles you have faced. You will recognize their emotions as emotions you have. You will recognize their ups and downs as ups and downs you have. Each of these people have a Yogi Leader within themselves, just waiting to be discovered.

The Yogi Leader is built out of well-known, research-based leadership theories and approaches. It is built from yoga practice that stretches back thousands of years. It is built out of the reflective nature of yoga and the opportunity to improve ourselves through reflection, meditation, and mindfulness.

Yogi Leaders use The Seven Elements of Leadership to lead authentically with mind, body, and heart. They are the type of leader we want to be... They are the type of leader you want to be...

The Seven Elements of Leadership are seven skills, characteristics, talents, behaviors, and abilities that a leader needs to energize in order to be an incredible leader.

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