The Yogi Leader introduces an innovative approach to leadership development. It is built out of well-known, research-based leadership theories and approaches. It is built from yoga practice that stretches back thousands of years. It is built out of the reflective nature of yoga and the opportunity to improve ourselves through reflection, meditation, and mindfulness.


The Seven Elements of Leadership are seven skills, characteristics, talents, behaviors, and abilities that a leader needs to energize in order to be an incredible leader.

Yogi Leaders use The Seven Elements of Leadership to lead authentically with mind, body, and heart. They are the type of leader we want to be... They are the type of leader you want to be...


The Yogi Leader is both a book (written by Leila Naderi, PhD & John J. Franey, PhD) and a developmental program that includes workshops, retreats, and resources.

Acclaim for The Yogi Leader



"An innovative approach to leading authentically with mind, body, and heart built from the ancient wisdom of yoga and well-known leadership theories. The stories are captivating and follow seven different leaders who use The Seven Elements of Leadership to impact their families, businesses, and communities."

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD | New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, & What Got You Here Won't Get You There | Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach for 10 years | Only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World




"The Yogi Leader makes the ancient wisdom of yoga relevant to our modern lives today. It can help you become a better leader, and more important a better, healthier, and more fulfilled human being."


 Tal Ben Shahar, PhD | New York Times bestselling author of Happier | Co-Founder, Happiness Studies Academy




"Adding leadership elements to the practice of yoga is simply brilliant! From the health-conscious enthusiast who wants to find a deeper state of being to the overworked corporate executive needing to silence the chaos around them - The Yogi Leader is the book for you ."


Doug "Dr. Luff" Luffborough, III, PhD | President & CEO, Higher Level Leadership, LLC | Author of Watch Me Rise: From the Streets of Despair to the Halls of the Ivy League




"The Yogi Leader is engaging, and the message is accessible in the forms of narratives which help the to-be-successful-leader to relate and get insights into the aspects of their own personality and belief system that prevent them from being an effective leader. The references to Yoga postures, breathing and relaxation teaching, plus self-affirmation and positive thinking techniques, are opening people to the empowering aspect of Yoga as a holistic body-mind-spirit practice. The book is a contribution to our confused, scattered time when often times people find themselves with no voice and no vision."


 Swami Sitaramananda




"An inspiring book with compelling stories which provide strategies to improve your leadership; Leila Naderi and John Franey illustrate how to unleash your leadership potential through reflection and meditation."


 Paula A. Cordeiro, EdD | Dammeyer Distinguished Professor of Global Leadership & Education, University of San Diego





"A compelling read for authentic leadership enthusiasts, indeed! Dr. Naderi and Dr. Franey remind us that compassion and empathy in business and in life are needed more than ever and that you can succeed and lead with your heart and your head together in harmony."


 Andy Vaughn | President & CEO, Alliant International University System




"Naderi and Franey have woven the elements of yoga into the everyday practice of leadership. These principles can help leaders at all levels improve themselves and their ability to lead."


 Mark Blankenship, PhD | Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff & Strategy, Jack in the Box, Inc.



"This book provides both practical and meaningful strategies for embracing the anxiety of leading in the world today and ensuring you develop the courage to engage the world productively and creatively. The principles presented apply to leading and also to life. I highly encourage leaders who want to enjoy leading to read this book."


 Gil Brady, EdD | Founder, Relationship Impact

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The Yogi Leader is built out of a partnership between The Leader Mill and Dr. Leila Naderi.

The Leader Mill is a leadership development consulting company founded on the idea that every person has the potential to be a leader. The Leader Mill turns this potential into leadership power through innovative and engaging developmental programs, curriculum, courses, workshops, and other resources that can be used by individuals, teams, or whole organizations.

The Leader Mill 's mission is to provide the most empowering and effective developmental opportunities for anyone wanting to power up their leadership.

Launching in 2020

Feeling empowered? Feeling inspired? Feeling motivated?  Wanting to make some changes in your life and leadership? Wanting to make a difference in the world? Wanting to lead more with mind, body, and heart? Wanting to power up the Seven Elements of Leadership in your own practice? Wanting to develop your own inner Yogi Leader? Then you’ve come to the right place… because The Yogi Leader doesn’t end with a single book. In 2020, The Yogi Leader will offer workshops, online courses, guidebooks, assessments, and other resources focused on your development of the Seven Elements of Leadership. We welcome you to join us in an engaging, innovative, and empowering developmental opportunity that blends yoga, leadership, reflection, and mindfulness.

Stay tuned... 

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