Leadership behaviors are critical indicators of success or failure of an organization. To succeed in today’s world, organizations should invest in developing their leaders’ skills, capacities, and knowledge. There is a call for continuing to expand the leadership field by examining areas that might not have been previously seen as connected to leadership. 


*How do you develop the leadership capacity of your team and organization?

*How do you better yourself to better the world?  

From Idea to Action, from Action to Social Impact


*Develop conscious leaders who act beyond profit to serve people and planet 

*Bridge the gap between the leaders of TODAY and TOMORROW   

*Build diverse and inclusive communities

*Encourage entrepreneurial activities

Bridging Well-Being to Well-Doing

The Yogi Leader is really about discovering who we are as people… and more importantly who we are as leaders. Introducing an innovative approach to leadership development through reflection, yoga, and mindfulness.The Seven Elements of Leadership are seven skills, characteristics, talents, or abilities that a leader needs to energize in order to be an effective leader.

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